China Investment Forum 2013 offered challenges and opportunities

China Investment Forum 2013 offered challenges and opportunities

Another year of China Investment Forum was held in Prague, from 12th till 14th November 2013, this time subtitled Warsaw Initiative – a challenge and an opportunity. The President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Milos Zeman, whose positive attitude to promote the co-operation, friendship and the partnership between the Czech Republic and China have been well known for already a long time, took the patronage over the event. China Investment Forum 2013 (CIF 2013) was held also under the auspices of Ambassador of CPR in the Czech Republic, His Excellency Ambassador Yu Qingtaj, and the Czech Republic Ambassador in CPR, His Excellency Libor Secka.



Gala evening, held on 12th November 2014, which lunched the China Investment Forum 2013 belonged among the extremely important social events of the Czech-Chinese relations. It took place in the Municipal House in Prague. The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Mr. Jiri Rusnok, in the role of host, welcomed dozens of important guests. Important and crucial speeches were delivered by former president of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus and rarest host from the Chinese side, Mr. Song Tao, Secretary General of the Secretariat of the cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European countries, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of PRC.

During his opening speech, the Prime Minister, Mr. Rusnok, expressed a great joy to be a partial organizer and host of the gala evening. He emphasized that the efforts of his short function government were to utilize the potential of the Czech-Chinese relationship, which does exist between the two countries. “I am delighted by the number of guests from China.., I believe that the China Investment Forum will contribute to the fulfillment of the possibilities for mutual business relations but also cultural, social, sports, health and other areas that exist between our two countries,” said the Prime Minister and wished success in negotiations. Then he asked Tallich Phiharmonic Orchestra to present one of the cultural symbols of the Czech country – the song the Vltava River and Vysehrad by Bedrich Smetana.



During the evening, two major speeches of distinguished guests were given. The first of them was the former President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus. “From our side, that is from the side of the Czech Republic, organizing of the Forum reflects our real interest in expanding and deepening economic relations with China, with this – the largest in population and with the fastest growing rate of economic growth in the last three decades – country of the world. We are interested in deepening contacts with your country as a whole, as well as with Chinese regions,” said Vaclav Klaus.

The Secretary-General, Mr. Song Tao, who spoke after him, said that it is a great honor for him to participate in the Forum and its initiation. “On this occasion I would like to sincerely congratulate to the organizers of the Forum and I would like to thank all friends who support and care about the development of Chinese-Czech relations,” said Song Tao and also thanked Vaclav Klaus for his longtime huge benefit in the Chinese-Czech relations.





„China Investment Forum“ is a major event organized at the background of active development of the Chinese-Czech relations and a new manifestation of the traditional Chinese-Czech friendship. There is a profound traditional friendship between China and the Czech Republic. „Mole Adventures“ and „The Good Soldier Svejk“ are known by almost everyone in China and Skoda cars representing Czech products have found their place in numerous Chinese families. An ancient Chinese poem says: „Good friends can share great distance, yet still close“.  „China and the Czech republic are divided by a large distance, however, the distance has no effect on the friendship,“ said Mr. Song Tao.

China Investment forum 2013, according to him, has been given attention and support by all the friendly people of both countries, which is a concentrated expression of friendship between China and the Czech Republic. „It turns out that the Chinese-Czech traditional friendship gained in the new age also new vitality“, said Song Tao.

Another one of his initiative ideas mentioned was that the economy of China and economy of the Czech Republic are highly complementary, and there is a huge potential for cooperation between the two countries. China Investment Forum is an important symbol of the desire of both parties and can further strengthen mutual beneficial cooperation.





The next day was the main deliberative day at CIF. Everything took place in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle. Many important guests lectured and participated there. During the first block of lectures and speeches there were talks of mutual respect and equality as a fundamental assumption of a mutual beneficial partnership. Another block was devoted to strengthening bilateral cooperation at regional and urban level, and promoting tourism. Third area focused on economy, trade and financial cooperation between China and the Czech Republic as an opportunity to promote economic growth. After all the meeting, a gala dinner was served. The next day of CIF bilateral meeting were held.