Rusnok: CR would like to host a summit of sixteen European countries and China

Rusnok: CR would like to host a summit of sixteen European countries and China

The resigned Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok expressed in the Czech Television his interest in the meeting of representatives of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and China in Prague. It is considered as a great opportunity to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and former Czechoslovakia.


Bucharest – Czech Republic is ready to host next year’s summit known as the Warsaw Initiative, which promotes closer cooperation between China and the sixteen countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This has been announced at the meeting of government members of the Warsaw Initiative in Bucharest, by the resigned Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok who considers it as a good opportunity to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation between China and the former Czechoslovakia

At the summit in Bucharest, newly elected leaders of the People’s Republic of China met with partners from Central and Eastern Europe for the first time. The initiative is to promote deeper regional cooperation with Beijing.

“Next year will be important for Czech-Chinese relationship because we celebrate 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation between both countries. On this basis we would like to organise the next summit,” announced Rusnok during his speech and suggested, that the economic forum should be held within the next summit, as well as the last year, where the businessman of both countries could meet.

Czech Prime Minister further noted that the significant potential for cooperation between European countries with China is primarily in commerce, tourism, education and science. On the side-lines of the summit, during bilateral negotiations, Rusnok met with his Chinese counterpart Li Ke- čchiang. They discussed cooperation in trade and investment, as well as promoting tourism, academic and cultural exchange.


Investment offer in the Moravian-Silesian Region

Czech Republic also offered the opportunity to invest, mainly in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Both politicians also discussed the introduction of direct flights.

„We should be grateful that China is already starting to embrace the term Central Europe, which, a few years ago, was totally incomprehensible,” said in an interview with Studio CT24 sinologist Rudolf Fürst from the Institute of International Relations.

The Prime Minister is accompanied by about a dozen members of Chamber of Commerce. They would appreciate more responsive approach by the government towards Chinese investors in the area of visa policy. „The investors are not going to invest where they cannot check their investments as they didn’t get visa‘, Mr. Ladislav Kubiznak, director of business development at the real estate company Lekvi & Partners, addressed.

Not only the Czech Republic and Romania, but also Albania, Bosna and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia participated in the Warsaw Initiative.

According server Česká pozice, organisations of Prime Minister Rusnok´s visit in Bucharest didn´t go without problems. Rusnok was supposedly preparing the declaration for the summit that should weaken the negotiable position of EU in business disputes with Beijing and was not consistent with union agreements. This fact didn´t meet understanding at certain official representatives of Ministry of foreign affairs (event the Minister of foreign affairs Kohout disassociated from this) as well as EU commissionaire for trade Karel de Gucht.

According server Česká pozice, the interest in signing the declaration came from Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok, rather from president Miloš Zeman.  At the end, Polish and Romanian government made a protest against signing of questionable declaration. “The participants of summit are actively negotiating about the final version of the declaration, while the outcome will be done in Bucharest,” said to server Česká pozice the press agent of Ministry Ms. Johana Grohová.

ČT24, 26.11.2013