Celý program zde

10:30 – 15:00 Prague, Riding School of Prague Castle
Huawei Broader Way Forum
10:45 – 15:30 Huawei Broader Way Forum
Today, the booming development of ICT technologies and widespread of broadband infrastructure are radically transforming the ICT ecosystem and become a core economic competence in the digital society. The Huawei Czech ICT Broader Way Forum is subject to be an platform of knowledge sharing and idea exchange, providing all stakeholders across the industry sector to discuss the industry hotspots, enabling industry-favored regulatory environment, facilitating the development of Czech NBN, and finally fostering an innovative and knowledge-based economy for the sustainable growth of the Republic. This forum, as one of themes of China Investment of Forum (CIF) this year, is just the first of many forums we will hold in Czech. Huawei is very glad to take the responsibility to assist Czech achieve the vision of digitally connect nation.