Prime Minister: Relations with China at their historical best

Prime Minister: Relations with China at their historical best

Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, sees strategic partnership with China and deepening of mutual cooperation as his personal priorities. Prime Minister said this in his opening speech on on 10th November – the main meeting day of the China Investment Forum 2015. He added that the Czech Republic (CR) and China share a history of respectable 66 years of friendship and partnership, and that the current era can be regarded as the best in common history.


Bohuslav Sobotka stated that the CR is both highly appreciative of cooperation between China and 16 Central and Easter European Countries, and one of the group main advocates. “Examples of successful cooperation between central-eastern Europe and China were Local Leaders Meeting 2014 or Health Ministers Meeting 2015, but also intensive mutual visits of political and regional delegations,” Prime Minister said. He added that the Czech Republic has regarded cooperation on regional level, in healthcare or trade and economy as key projects of the 16+1 platform.

“Initiating strategic partnership and deepening of mutual cooperation with China are among my personal priorities,” said Prime Minister. He is going to sign an agreement on the CR joining the project of “New Silk Road – One Belt, One Road” on his official bilateral visit to China and meetings with the Chinese President and Prime Minister. “We are interested in being a part of this important economic project which we see as an excellent starting point for further complex cooperation,” explained Bohuslav Sobotka.

Prime Minister’s speech highly evaluated not only excellent relations between politicians on all levels but also concrete projects: opening of the Prague-Beijing direct flight, facilitation of visa procedures, signing memorandum on cooperation in travel industry, opening of the traditional Chinese medicine clinic at University Hospital in Hradec Králové, therapeutic stay of 200 Chinese children in Czech spa or Chinese investments. “Opening the Bank of China branch and large investments of Chinese companies present a great example for future PRC investors and their entry into CEEC,” added Prime Minister.

He marked China being the host country at Holiday World Prague 2016 and International Engineering Fair 2016 in Brno, both of which are important Czech sector activities, to be a remarkable success.