Governor introduced his region to China Investment Forum 2013

Governor introduced his region to China Investment Forum 2013

Moravian-Silesian governor Miroslav Novák spoke on strengthening of cooperation on regional and urban level as well as on promoting tourism in the China Investment Forum 2013. The event is held at Prague castle under the auspices of the Czech President Milos Zeman till 14 November 2013 by Czech China Chamber of Collaboration. Miroslav Novák gave his speech from the position of the vice-president of the Association of the Regions of the Czech Republic. Moravian governor is also gearing up to visit Jiangsu Province in the People’s Republic of China, which will be held next week.



“To establish the cooperation with the second strongest economy in the world is of particular importance for the Moravian-Silesian region which is severely hit by the global economic crisis and has to deal with difficult social situation. Development of small and medium-sized enterprises and cooperation in tourist industry could bring needed jobs to the region , ” said the Moravian-Silesian governor Miroslav Novák. He discussed the possibilities of cooperation with China in the field of transport and transport infrastructure, industry. He presented, among others, the industrial zones that are ready for other investors, the tourist attractions worth seeing and more. “Moravian-Silesian region is not only heavy industry and technology, but also the beautiful countryside of Beskydy and Jeseniky Mountains. It is a region with history, unique technical monuments where it is possible to have fun, play sports or relax in the spa, for example, “said governor Miroslav Novák.

In the next five years, the Chinese import should reach ten billion U.S. dollars, foreign investments exceed 500 milliard U.S. dollars and more than 400 million Chinese people intend to travel abroad for pleasure. The Chinese side proposes to declare the year 2014 as ‘The Year of trade and investments‘ between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and China. Chinese Investment Forum is thus an opportunity not only to look back and recap the existing cooperation in the areas of tourism, culture, education and regions of both countries, but to draft options for further development of mutual relations.

Establishing the cooperation with China does not stop

The activities of Moravian-Silesian governor Miroslav Novak in establishing the cooperation with China do not finish by his participation in the investment forum. Next week he is going on a business trip to Jiangsu Province in the People’s Republic of China. The journey, which will take place from 18 till 24 November 2013, follows the negotiations which the governor lead with the highest representatives of the province earlier this year. One of the meetings was held in July 2013 in Chinese Chongqing within the economic forum between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The representatives of the province have repeatedly expressed their interest in deepening the cooperation between the regions. The interest of the Chinese side resulted in a forthcoming memorandum on the development of friendly exchanges and cooperation between the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Province of Jiangsu, which will be signed on 19 November 2013 in the metropolis of Nanking, in Jiangsu Province.

Jiangsu Province with more than 71 million inhabitants is one of the most developed provinces in the PRC with a large industrial tradition and a high level of development of science and technology. The key industries of Jiangsu province are: infrastructure, petrochemical industry, industry of construction materials, electronic and automotive industries. Cooperation between the regions will be mainly focused on the economic field, on the technologies with high added value and on the cooperation among educational institutions, primarily universities.

SOURCE: The official website of the Moravian-Silesian Region